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Feb 08


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The D. H. Ellison Co. is occasionally involved with commercial projects that apply a different building code and require special considerations not included in residential projects.

Over the past twenty years, we have been involved with work to streamline and improve high-tech industrial processes and office work environments. We have collaborated with Owners to expand salesrooms and improve marketing. The company has participated with not-for-profit organizations to plan complicated and frequently under-funded projects. We have helped guide the restoration of historic buildings and the removal of condemnation orders from existing structures. Several restaurants and bars have relied on our services to help them plan for the accommodation of food service and delivery functions, drinking and dining spaces, and we have experience with theatrical production facilities and Assembly occupancies.

We have worked on several projects that have used the City of Cleveland’s Storefront Renovation program, which provides rebates to targeted and approved projects, many of which are in historic districts.

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